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By G.D. Warner

Cheap and Sleazy Crockpot Teriyaki Chicken

Make Teriyaki Chicken in a Crockpot at Home in Your Crockpot


Have you ever bought a dinner at your favorite teriyaki restaurant, taken it home, and eaten it? It was good, wasn't it? You bet it was! Chances are good that the next day, you wanted more, right?

Right! At least, that's what happened in my case ... and that happened way, *WAY* more than once!

And then one day, I decided to do something about it ... and I will share what I did in this article -- all for about ten bucks!



Crockpot Teriyaki Chicken Complete

Crockpot Teriyaki Chicken Complete

But first ...

You have to make a couple trips -- first, to your favorite friendly neighborhood teriyaki restaurant, where you can buy one or both of the following:

One: A bottle of their teriyaki sauce, which should run you about five bucks:

teriyaki sauce

Teriyaki Sauce

Ignore the writing on the bottle; that's just what they had handy to put the sauce in.

Two, your favorite teriyaki chicken dinner -- purely for research purposes, of course.

Your next stop would be your local supermarket, where you would buy yourself about five bucks worth of chicken, like so:

chicken thighs five bucks

Chicken Thighs, Five Bucks!

Of course, if you can get more for your five bucks, I say go for it!

It should also go without saying (but when have I let that stop me before?) that if you prefer a different part of the chicken, buy what you like! This is just a guide, after all.

Your next step depends on whether or not you bought item number two up there, because if you did, stop here, and eat your dinner! You know you deserve it!

If you just went to your favorite teriyaki place for the sauce, chances are good they're going to know something's up sooner or later, but that's okay, because you're going to make your own!


There's really not much to the instructions, but here goes.

1. Pour half a cup of your newly-purchased teriyaki sauce into your crockpot.

2. Add enough chicken to cover the bottom of the crockpot.

3. Pour another half cup of teriyaki sauce on top of the chicken.

4. Put the lid on the crockpot, and cook it on low for two hours. At the end of the two hours, grab a fork and pierce the chicken, then turn the chicken over and pierce the other side. Cook it again for another two hours, again on low.

It should look something like that very first picture up there ... and, just like my world famous Cheap and Sleazy Chili, you might receive a visit from one or two of your neighbors because of the tasty aroma coming out of your apartment/condo/house!

Oh, and your fur babies will most likely start drooling, so maybe make an extra piece for 'em.

"Dude! That's IT?!?"

Yes -- for now!

... but I found a recipe that shows you how to make your own teriyaki sauce which requires a special brand of wine only made in Japan that might be worth a look ... but we'll see. It depends on how spendy the wine is, and how far I have to go to find it.