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The Need For Speed


In which I share a gift with readers of Cheap and Sleazy.


A few years back, somebody in one of the Facebook groups I'm in posted that she had some speed tapes that she wanted to get rid of from back in the day.

Some of them were from the NCRA we know today, along with some older tapes from the NCRA's predecessor, the NSRA -- or the National Shorthand Reporters Association -- and a company called "Dicto Speed" out of New Jersey.

As she was offering them for the low, low price of free, I was immediately interested, and soon I received the tapes in the mail.

I quickly dug out the "boom box" my favorite ex-wife gave me back in the 90s, connected it to my iMac, fired up Audacity, and recorded them -- though a couple of them didn't work at all, but that's okay. Hopefully I'll be able to get them working ... one of these days.

You can see what was on those tapes in this screenshot:

Speed Stuff

Speed Stuff

... and you should be able to download all of those files from here:


Fair warning -- that's almost a gig!


21JAN19 Update

It was pointed out to me that maybe that nearly one gig file might be a bit too much to download ... so I have created another pair of zipped files that are roughly half the size of the original, so you can download one now, and the other one later. Here's what's in the first one:

Speed Stuff I

Speed Stuff I (410.3 MB)

... which you can download here.

Here's what's in the second one:

Speed Stuff II

Speed Stuff II (514.8 MB)

... and you can download that one from this link.