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The Paper Conundrum

How to Avoid Running Out of Paper Mid-test


Has this happened to you?

You're in Speed Building, and (as usual) you're taking a test. You're doing very well! You're getting EVERY WORD (and you KNOW how rarely that happens) ... then suddenly, something sounds different. You glance at your machine and see that last bit of paper come up over the platen.

You strangle the urge to scream and politely wait until the test is over ... still steamed because of the test that got away.

"AARRGGHHH!!!", you fume after the test is over to any sympathetic ear that turns your way. "Stupid paper!!"

Across the room, you notice someone who has some strange looking paper coming out of his machine: One sheet is obviously sunburnt ... while the other is white as a new pad of paper can be. "What the -?!" you think to yourself ... then you get a sudden urge to talk to him about his paper (this guy NEVER runs out of paper!), and find out his secret.

At the next break, you talk to Mr. Never-Runs-Out-Of-Paper, and a deal is struck: He needs some practice help, and you need his never-ending-paper technique. You retire to the Break Room, and discuss it over chocolate chip cookies (hey, he's buying; why not?).

After learning his technique, you can't wait to get home and try it ...!

The next day, you're again in the zone. Again, you're doing very well! Again, you're getting EVERY WORD, and you pass that final 140s test! At the next break, you vow to get Mr. Never-Runs-Out-Of-Paper a gift certificate for his favorite restaurant.

"Nice. What's the secret?"

They say a picture is worth a thousand words ... alas, I don't have a picture. Thanks to Jegajothy, I do have this video though ...

Here's a couple thousand words for ya ...

Well. I'd best get busy with the tape and scissors ...! Thanks, Jothy ....