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In Which a Student Tells How She Went From 140 to 200 in Four Months


I'm writing this one so that the attached .pdf will show up in a Google search, mostly ... and so I can, therefore, make it easier for a court reporting student searching for a good practice method to find! :o)



From 140 to 200 in Three Months?!?

Some years back, a student posted on the NCRA Forum an interesting tale of how she had managed to go from 140 to 200 in three months. She didn't go into specifics about her method, which (naturally) prompted an e-mail from me.

Turns out the gal who posted in that aforementioned forum was a Court Reporting At Home student, and the method she told me about in her e-mail was one her instructor put together for her (though I hear this method is common among CRAH students these days).

By way of a little history, at that time, there was a booklet someone had published with a similar name to the "title" up there, and was trying to sell for a rather high price, considering the page count ... and, of course, it didn't help much that all of the hype and rave reviews preceding the book had been written by the author's non-CR husband, but that's another tale for another time.

Anyway, you can find Steph's e-mail here:


That said, there are a couple of other articles here on Cheap and Sleazy -- Melody's article, Ann Record's " Get Outta CR School" article, and my (recently finished) "A Match Made in Heaven" -- that also addresses various methods of practice, and at least one more in the planning stages which will -- well, should -- complement all of these quite nicely.

I hope.

Should you find yourself stuck in an indecision matrix over which method is best for you, look through each one, take notes, and do what Bruce Lee did when he created his own martial art, Jeet Kune Do: take a bit from everywhere.

More specifically, what Bruce did was he studied all of the martial arts he could find, and incorporated bits of each of them into his own ever-growing art, which gave rise to his most famous quote: "Absorb What is Useful."

Bruce Lee: Absorb What is Useful

Absorb What is Useful

Yeah, that definitely applies to steno!

Enjoy -- and good luck!