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The Problem With Symbols

How To Add ÷, ° And Other Weird Symbols To Your Dictionary


Picture this: You're in class or at home, trying to get your steno machine and CAT software to display the ™ (trademark) symbol ... but you can't find it on your computer keyboard!

What will you do? What will you do?

Well, if this hasn't happened to you, count your blessings ... but if it has happened to you, thank Maria Garrido for this article; for she was kind enough to share her solution for this most annoying problem!

And now, without further ado (that sounds familiar for some reason) ...

Teach your CAT Some New Tricks

I know it seems that there are a lot of steps, but trust me they are not that complicated, just follow one after the other and I think you will not have any problems.

You can choose any combination that is available. You do not have to use the ones I am using here.

I tried to use as many screen pictures as I could so as to make it a little easier to understand.

You will first attach keystrokes in MS Word and then you will do the same thing in the Steno software.

When you need a division symbol, simply press CTRL+ALT+W on the regular keyboard and the ÷ will appear. When you need a division symbol using the steno machine, simply press TKW-D and the ÷ will appear.

I think you get the idea. Let's get started.

Table o' Symbols

A Small Section of the Table of Symbols

Attach Combination to Keystrokes in MS Word

1. Press CTRL+N to get to a blank document.

2. Click Insert Symbol.

Insert Symbol graphic

Insert Symbol window

3. Select Symbol from the Font menu.

4. Click on the Division Symbol to select it.

5. Click on Shortcut Key.

Keyboard shortcut

Select Your Keyboard Shortcut

6. Click on the "Press new shortcut key" and press CTRL+ALT+W together. If the keystroke is available it will say "Currently assigned to: [unassigned]." If is not available, please create another combination.

7. Write the combination down as you will need to remember it for the Steno.

8. Click on Assign.

9. Click on Close.

10. Repeat above steps for each individual symbol you want to create.

11. Click on Close to go back to the document.


Well, there you have it: Words and pictures that show you how to display those non-keyboard symbols so you can put them into your dictionary! I hope you haven't been tearing your hair out waiting for this to be uploaded ...

Thanks, Maria!